UPND denied permit to campaign in Lusaka

Police has denied the opposition UPND from holding campaign rallies in Lusaka.

Party Secretary General Stephen Katuka confirmed the development to Zambian Eye in a statement below Tuesday morning.

We have once again been denied permits to conduct our campaigns. This is a complete violation of our democratic rights of freedom of expression and freedom of association.
We had applied for permits in Mandevu and Kabwata for this week, but despite submitting applications the required 7 days in advance these have been denied on the grounds that the police are busy with nomination filing. It is now too late for us to file for new permits and develop a new programme.
During the official campaign period such attempts to limit our movements threaten to discredit the election process and it increasingly looks like part of a calculated strategy to block and frustrate our movements at every turn. We have a democratic right to campaign and the people have a democratic right to hear from the candidates and make their own mind up. But this will not deter us, Police can do whatever they want to do, our voice will be heard no matter what.

Stephen Katuka
UPND Secretary General

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