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UPND Breathing Fire Over ZAF Clearance To Fly Private Helicopters

The UPND have issued a statement strongly calling on the Electoral Commission of Zambia to meet the Zambia Air Force and streamline their permission to fly private helicopters during the campaigns.

Party Secretary General Stephen Katuka complains that there is no clarity and transparency in the manner permission is granted, and suspects authorities are deliberately delaying issuing permits to frustrate UPND campaigns.


Urgent call for Electoral Commission to meet with ZAF

We have called on the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Zambia to urgently meet with ZAF to address outstanding concerns regarding the scheduling and approval process for flight permissions during the campaign period.

We are seeking full clarity and transparency on the process of authorisation, as per our letter to the Chairman on the subject.

We have repeatedly encountered problems in securing timely approvals, unacceptably delaying our programmes. With only 87 days available to us to campaign we need to see swift action to secure approvals so that we can plan and co-ordinate events across the country, as is our right.

This is an issue we have raised well in advance during the Elections Consultative meetings, as early as December 2015 and February 2016. However, our concerns appear to have fallen on deaf ears because the same problems continue to persist. The success of these stakeholder meetings depends on the ECZ and its officials taking a proactive approach to address concerns as they arise.

We therefore ask that immediate clarity is sought by the ECZ from ZAF so that the specifics of a transparent and fair process for applications and amendments to existing programmes can be published without delay.

A full version of the letter we have issues can be found here.

Stephen Katuka
UPND Secretary General

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