By Sharon Kunda:

The UPND Alliance Partners have committed themselves to working with President Hakainde Hichilema to ensure campaign promises are delivered to the Zambian people.

UPND Alliance Presidents Chairperson Charles Milupi has expressed confidence that President Hichilema will deliver the key national issues as outlined in his inaugural speech.

Mr. Milupi says the support demonstrated by Zambians towards the Head of State inspires confidence that President Hichilema’s service to the citizens will be eased up.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. MILUPI said all those who were engaged in illegal activities in the previous regime will be made to account for their actions through legal and due process of the law.

He said the UPND is determined to clean up the mess that was created by the PF.

Mr. Milupi reiterated the message of peace and reconciliation.

And another UPND Alliance Partner Felix Mutati said there are a number of clean ups that the new Government will have to undertake including addressing the debt issue to deliver on promises.

Mr. Mutati said there is also need to have fiscal discipline so that the country can harness necessary resources which can then be channeled to other sectors.

He said free education for Zambians remains a priority but that it will be implemented in a sensible manner.

Meanwhile, Kelvin Fube clarified that President Hichilema has not refused to move to state house.

Mr. Fube said there are preliminary matters that need to be attended to before the newly elected President can move to state house and that no suspicion should be raised that he is resisting to move.


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