Up your game, Silumbe advice HH

… He says the UPND alliance government has less than three years to show the people that HH is in control

Dr silumbe

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka (4-02-2023-Zambia24) – The opposition Leadership Movement has advised the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) alliance government to up its game and show the people it is in control of the national resources.
Party president Dr. Richard Silumbe told journalists at a media briefing that it is shameful to see the people suffer in a country endowed with plenty of resources.
He regretted that the suffering thep people are undergoing under the UPND could easily be addressed when the government takes a proactive measure to address the issues in order of importance.
He wondered why the president is always on the road to foreign countries to attract investors whose interest is to accumulate wealth and not to serve the people.
He said the solution to the problems the country is facing is the production and urged the president to ensure that the country has mineral reserves which the government can depend on in times of need like this one to keep the country going.
He observed that Zambia has in stock plenty of minerals like gold, copper, manganese, uranium, and many others which can be kept in reserves that the government trade with other countries to address the many challenges when things get sour as it is currently in Zambia.
He said it does not make sense to have a president who global trots begging when the country he head has resources to keep going.
He said the UPND alliance government has less than three years to make things right and ensure that the people begin to benefit.
He said the UPND government will go down as the worst government in the history of this country after failing to fulfill its campaign promises which led the people to vote for the current government.
For example, Dr. Silumbe recalled during the campaign the UPND promised to create employment for the many employed youths in the country.
He said engaging the country in the production will solve the problems of unemployment.
He recalled that all the successive governments made various promises which were somehow fulfilled to the satisfaction of the people.
He observed that the opposition United National Independence Party ((UNIP) was in love with the because it lived up to the expectations of the people in terms of fulfilling its campaign promises.
“So was the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) and the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) under late president Michael Sata.”
He said even the Lungu administration which never promised anything did something to make the people of Zambia happy and are remembering it as such.
He regretted that the UPND make so many promises which remain unfilled one and a half years after winning the elections.
He said failure by the UPND to fulfill its campaign promises has continued to make the people of Zambia live under so acute misery.
He advised the government to address the basics which is food and ensure that the people begin to benefit that just signing Memorum of Understanding with foreign entities which seem not to yield any meaningful fruits to make the people happy.
He observed that what has made the situation unbearable is the lack of priority on the part of the government.
He said fuel prices which the new dawn government had allowed skyrocketed making the people suffer unbearable pain.
He said the continued hiking of fuel coupled with the nonproduct has continued to make the people of Zambia surfer.
He said the new dawn government should look for equity partners where it will go acquire cheap fuel from a country that has it and is not needed in a country that has an interest in the Ukraine war.
He observed that there are countries that are independently tapping cheap fuel that cannot be sold in European or American countries for one reason or another.
He said it was uncalled for the veep to advise the people to feed on roller meals if they cannot afford breakfast

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