The University of Zambia Administration has described as unlawful and misplaced the pass by the University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union to pass on a Recede-unhurried.
UNZA Acting Registrar Rogers Phiri has since given the UNZALARU, 24 hours to rescind its decision and quit the Recede-unhurried.
Mr. Phiri has suggested ZNBC Info in an announcement that the choice to be on scamper unhurried is now not supplied for in any of the provisions of the Industrial and Labour Family Act.
He has warned that management will seemingly be left with out a need but to invoke provisions of the Recognition Agreement if the Union fails to quit the scamper unhurried.
Mr. Phiri notes that UNZA, being a Public University is funded by authorities and can’t proceed with negotiations without acquiring steering on main parameters from Government.
And close to liquidation of money owed to group, Mr. Phiri stated Government has dedicated itself to tackle the discipline as soon as the entire debt stock is audited and verified.

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