UNZA students were out of order to attack and abuse Dora Siliya, NGOCC says

NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale has condemned the unruly behaviour by some University of Zambia (UNZA) students who attacked and abused Information Minister, Dora Siliya during the funeral service of the late Vespers Shimuzhila on Monday, October, 15th, 2018.Mwale said the unreasonable conduct by students was not only disrespectful to the Minister but also very demeaning to women’s leadership.She noted that the insults against Siliya systematically discriminates and discourages women from participating in various decision making positions.“While we respect the right to freedom of expression and positive criticism, we strongly condemn the use of insults and demeaning language against leaders especially, female leaders. This trend is also prevalent on social media where we continuously witness many women being subjected to cyber bullying,” Mwale said in a statement.She therefore called on the student populace and society at large to support Zambia’s cause for women’s in leadership.And Mwale has urged Government to expedite the inquest in the death of Vespers to ensure that whoever is responsible is brought to book without any further delay.(Picture by Kalemba) Post Views: 1

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