UNZA protest on until the last worker is paid

..As Unions challenges the government to declare itself incapable of running the learning inatitutuins.

Lusaka (13-03-19) UNZALARU president Dr. Evans Lampi has Challenged the Zambian government to openly tell the country it has failed to run the learning institution so that the people can make a decision whether it is a good idea to have it in the 2021 election.
Dr. Lampi said in an exclusive interview that some unionisised workers are not paid their gratuity for the past 8 years and wondered for how long the situation will last.
He said none payment of gratuity is a serious concern.
“Now workers are faced with another serious problem will raise arrears owed to unionized workers the the country’s highest learning institution.”
For three works now, Dr. Lampi explained the workers have been waiting for their salaries and there I’d no indication that the pay will come any time soon.
Last week, Dr. Lampi said, the vice chancellor promised that, the government may deposit the money this Friday, but there is no indication that this will happen.”
It for this reason Dr. Lampi insisted that the workers wants assurance from the government that there is money but it has just delayed and will ne paid.
He said the situation as it is obtained at the moment is unbearable and the workers are not for idea of going for work without pay.
He maintained that the protest will continue until the last worker is the salary.
He indicated that, the government has the responsibility to honour its obligations and pay its workers.
He said workers have no money to keep on working.
Instead of coming to do the work, Dr. Lampi claimed the workers have gone to look money to keep their families united.
And speaking an another interview, Gankhanani Moyo said workers from the three unions have joined forces to press the government to workers their dues and no worker will accepted to go for work until the last workers is paid.
Moyo explained that the unions will not tolerate any forms of delay in the payment.
He said workers have done their part and now it is for the government to do its part.
He said it is against he human rights to ask workers to go on working without paying them.
He agreed with with Dr. Lampi who challenged the government to state whether it has no capacity to pay salaries to workers who have ready done their work.
“Our call to this government is if it cannot pay workers, the best it can do to make a public confession it has no capacity to pay.
He suggested that the government can either close learning institutions because it cannot service it or privatise it to enable those who have the money run it.
Meanwhile UNZA Professional Staff Union president Michael Kaluba vowed workers will not go back to work until their demands are fulfilled.
Dr. Kaluba said the workers have proferred to go on sitting protest because there is no hope that the money will be deposited by Friday as promised by the vice chancellor.
He said tbe workers have families that look up to them for survival and wondered how they will support them if they are not paid.
He expressed disappointment with the conduct of the go.. vernment that keep on making promises but does not fulfil its obligations.
“For is, it’s very clear, this government is broke but it must be courageous enough to inform the people that actual reason than make false promises.”
He claimed the government is running a hand to mouth but of budget but it is acting tough.
He also indicated that, his union is aware that, there are workers from other institutions not paid and are also waiting for their money.
“This is evidence enough to show that the government is broke.”
He wondered where the money meant to pay for workers have gone.
He urged government to treat this situation with the agency it deserve.

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