UNIP urges Miles Sampa to deliver on campaign promises

UNIP Deputy Secretary General Reverend Alfred Banda

UNIP Deputy Secretary General Reverend Alfred Banda

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa is being urged to deliver on all the campaign promises he made in the run up to last month’s mayoral by-election.

UNIP deputy secretary general, Reverend Alfred Banda one of the losing mayoral candidates has told Qfm news that the mayor should fulfill all the commitments he has made to the residents of Lusaka.

Mr Banda says people in Lusaka are in a hurry to see their lives being improved through service delivery.

He says among the services people want to see delivered include water and sanitation, and an effective garbage collection system.

And National Restoration Party (NAREP) spokesperson, Bwalya Nondo says he expects the mayor to clean up the city starting with the removal of cadres from markets and other public places belonging to the Lusaka city council.

Mr Bwalya says the creation of modern markets and the provision of free WiFi are other promises Mr Sampa made which he should fulfill within 90 days.

He also advised Mr Sampa to feel free to approach the opposition political parties for ideas that will benefit the people of Lusaka.

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