UNIP Starts Reorganizing ahead of 2021 General Elections

UNIP has started reorganizing itself ahead of the 2021 general elections.UNIP National Chairperson Jonathan Kenani says the party will hold its National Congress in December this year in readiness for the next elections.Mr. Kenani says UNIP still has many members across the country and has called for more people to join the former ruling party.He told ZNBC news in Kitwe that the perceived squabbles in the party are non-existent and that the party can bounce back to power in 2021.Mr. Kenani said the party leadership has now embarked on mobilizing its members country wide and wooing new members.He has urged party structures to start preparing for the next general elections adding that the party leadership is ready to listen to all those with various concerns over the running of the party. Post Views: 12
News Source: ZNBC

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