TV owners threaten to unplug from Topstar

TV owners have threatened to plug off their signals from Topstar by 31st of August this year if the signal carrier does not address their demands.

Among the demands they want to be addressed include revenue sharing, Scroller, Quality and transmission costs as they have ascertained that Topstar is exploiting them.

They have also complained that running TV is an expensive venture and that there is no way they can be providing Topstar free content when they are reaping through subscription.

Revelation TV owner Stanford Chifitah proposed that local TV stations on the Topstar Platform switch off their signal if their demands are to be taken seriously.

Dr. Chifitah feels that some TV owners are entering into contracts with Topstar without the knowledge of their colleagues in the TV industry.

And Prime TV proprietor Gerald Shawa says Topstar is not serious in engaging with TV owners to address the many concerns that they have raised to them.

Mr. Shawa is concerned that several meetings have been held and nothing concrete has come out of the meetings.

Meanwhile QTV Director Moses Nyama has explained that the reason why QTV has been switched off on Top star is because of contractual disagreement.

Mr. Nyama feels that the contract does not favor the development of Zambian local TV industry.

But Topstar Vice President Cliff Sichone has assured TV owners their demands will be addressed in the next meeting.

Mr. Cliff says TV owners and Topstar are partners who should handle issues in an amicable way so as to avoid confrontations.

He says that the issues that the company cannot handle will be forwarded to regulators.

Earlier Topstar Public Relations Officer Mwazipeza Chanda said 500 villages across the country the country will benefit from the rural TV project.

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