Tokota Boys Open Defence

The notorious Tokota Boys gang opened their defence in the Kitwe High Court with 18 year old Limbikani Phiri denying having engineered the brutalizing of 17-year old Cuthdeck Nkonde for allegedly belonging to a rival gang dubbed The 100’s.

Presenting his defence in the Kitwe High Court, Phiri stated that he was a good friend to Nkonde and had no reasons to sell him out to his gang members.

He argued that the evidence presented by Nkonde earlier in Court was false stating that he was not present at the time Nkonde was being beaten.

Phiri stated that he was the one that helped Nkonde escape after he was beaten and gave him a K 5 for his transport, evidence that contradicted with Nkonde’s.

“When we arrived in Mindolo Mwamba (Mwamba Shame ‘Mayweather’) had sent me to collects sacks so that we could start packing low grade malachite. When we returned with two of my friends Peter Kasongo and Musonda Semba we found Cuthdeck Nkonde sitting at a distance while Mwamba looked very annoyed and had a big stick in his hands, then Nkonde told us that he had been beaten but did not give us reasons why he was beaten, I was so scared to ask Mwamba why he beat Nkonde because he looked so annoyed. Then later we left with Nkonde who I helped to buy pain killers at the nearby shop,” he told the Court.

And in cross examination, Phiri struggled to explain how he aided Nkonde when Nkonde had earlier told the court that he escaped alone until he found some women who were praying and helped him find his way home.

Nkonde told the court that his version was the correct one.

Meanwhile, Musonda Semba another member of the gang said he only learnt that Nkonde had been severely beaten and made to eat his own faeces through a video that circulated on social media.

He stated that after he had returned from collecting sacks with Limbikani Phiri and Peter Kasongo, Nkonde was already dressed but complained that he had been beaten.

In cross examination, Semba also maintained that only his defence was true and stated that of other witnesses including that of Limbikani Phiri was false.

This is in a matter 18 members of a gang tokota boys are charged with three counts of Abduction or Kidnapping, Poisoning or unlawful wounding and causing grievous harm to 17 year old Cuthdeck Nkonde contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Kitwe High Court Judge Timothy Katanekwa adjourned the matter to today for continued defence.

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