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TIZ Blames Media For Political Violence

File photo from archive (2012)

File photo from archive (2012)

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has bemoaned the lack of integrity and truth in the manner in the media is covering campaigns ahead of the August 11th general election.

TIZ is particularly concerned by how the public media is discriminating against opposition political parties taking part in the elections.

TIZ president Lee Habasonda says because of this unfair coverage; the public media is to a great extent contributing to political violence that is being witnessed in the campaigns.

Habasonda says TIZ is of view that if the media covered all political parties fairly and played a neutral role, the current political tension in the country would be eased.

He says TIZ is therefore calling upon the public media to take responsibility and be accountable to the kind of political news they carry as political parties conduct their campaigns.

Habasonda states that failure to do this the media will be held accountable for the misinformed decision that Zambians might make on August 11th.

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