Thousands Of Trucks Marooned Along Kitwe To Kasumbalesa Road

Thousands of trucks headed for the Democratic Republic of Congo are marooned at Kasumbalesa border following a temporal closure of the entry point into that country.

Another flight of trucks is stretching all the way from Kasumbalesa border to around Chambishi completely taking over one lane and two in most cases.

A check has revealed that Congolese authorities on Sunday had closed their side of the border after reports that a case of Coronavirus had been recorded in Lubumbashi.

The move resulted in delays to clear trucks from the SADC region whose queues had gone beyond Chingola within a day.

Despite having opened the entry later on, clearing of trucks is still underway with the machines spanning all the way upto around Chambishi.

The truck drivers are now appealing for quick clearance of trucks to avoid them being overcrowded in unsanitary areas.

Stanley Mweuke said truckers have found themselves in areas that have no toilets are using the bush to answer the call of nature.

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo is worried that the current situation poses a high risk for transmission of communicable infectious diseases.

“We are thinking of providing portable toilets for our truck drivers because the current situation is not conducive,” Tembo said.

He has further stated that the border is operating normally and expressed hope that the trucks will be cleared within a day or two.

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