This Week: We should all get involved in developing our Africa



By Kelvin Esiasa

Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) President Ms. Linda Kasonde recently wrote an article which appeared in the media.

In her article, Linda states that we are the one that Democracy, Good Governance and the Rule of Law in Zambia has been waiting for. She ends her article with the challenge to all Zambians to get involved in the promotion of ideals of good governance.

This article brings a lot of interests that each Zambian must commit to. Its true we are the one Democracy, Rule of Law and Good governance has been waiting.

Recently on my radio show on One Love FM  I stated during the interview I had with my guests that there is need for everyone to come out in the open and declare that Africa must change from the Africa of yesterday to the Africa we want.

We should begin to embrace the African dream of having a continent with full of blessings and not curses. We should all begin to see Africa migrating from poverty to food abundance.

Africa is poor because it has over the years entertained a lot of vices that have hindered the development in Africa. For instance, Africa has been poor because of Poverty, corruption, greediness, poor leadership and dependence on aid.

Africa is poor because the children of Africa have also joined the foots of their forefathers of blaming the western for African problem instead of sorting our the problems. Africa is poor because many people in Africa are greed and they have allowed greed people to override their ambitions.

So Linda is right when she says that many people do not realize the power they have. Indeed people have not realized the power they have to change the causes of poverty in many African countries.

One of the first thing that could assist in developing Africa, is the need to ensure that everyone, every African work to their strength. We should all work to our ultimate best. We should all ensure that we participate in activities that would contribute greatly to promoting justices and democracy.

It is in this regard that each one of us  should  audit our individual performance by querying what achievements and contributions that we are making to the development of the communities we live in.

As individuals we should endeavor to promote the development of society . Secondly, we should all be brothers keepers or watchmen manning the communities we live in. We need to continuously promote activities that would ensure that the next person is not injured. This means that we should strive by all means by ensuring that each one of us work towards the development of another person.

This entails that we should serve each other without jealous and prejudice. This also mean that the development of society is all dependent on each one of us. We should all work to the betterment of society. We should all ensure that we develop the communities we work in.

We should all get involved and make sure that the cases that derail Africa’s development are removed and be replaced with efforts that would ensure that our communities are developed.

In conclusion, we should all charge ourselves with responsibility to promote the development of communities that we live. Issues of governance should be our priority, which  we should all advocate for.

When we see ills of governance we should be the first to speak against. When our brother or neighbor is being victimized we should be the first to stop the victimization. When we see public resources abused.

Indeed we are the one democracy has been waiting for so stand up and supports the ideals of democracy and governance.


Kelvin Esiasa is the resident of Zambia Society for Public Administration and Society for Family Business

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