There is a difference between roadblock and checkpoint, Police explain

POLICE Spokesperson Esther Katongo has advised members of the public to always verify with relevant authorities on which checkpoints and roadblocks are illegally mounted before effecting citizens’ arrests on officers suspected to have mounted such roadblocks.This follows a recent a Ministerial Statement to Parliament by Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo who had announced the need to reduce on the number of roadblocks countrywide.And Katongo explained that police usually have what they call Permanent Security roadblocks which operate on a 24:00 hours basis mainly for security reasons such as search for wanted and trafficked persons, stolen property and address many other security concerns.She said other than the permanent roadblocks, Katongo said  there are also snap check points  which are random in nature and are  mounted by traffic officers at different points in enforcing the Road Traffic Act to ensure that there is sanity on the roads and are mounted from 09:00 hours to 17:00 hours.She said before 09:00 hours and after 17:00 hours, traffic officers are usually involved in traffic management.Katongo has since said that it is important for citizens to always verify which roadblocks are illegally mounted before effecting a citizens’ arrest on officers Post Views: 193

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