Its evident that Stream A will be a tussle between ZESCO United and ZANACO and one of the two will qualify for Champions League and the other for Confederation Cup.

Stream B is the toughest with 6 teams as possible leader when week five games are played. It also gives you an indication that Green Eagles will be tough to beat at home.

Week four also gives an indication that it will be possible for a team to finish the season unbeaten owing to a number of draws and few goals being scored .

Take note that the only unbeaten teams so far are three in stream A which is ZANACO, ZESCO United and Kabwe Warriors .

In Stream B all teams have tested defeat with Lumwana and MUZA hit badly with three losses.

The worst team on form in all groups is Lumwana Radiants that have lined up three continuous losses from the first draw against Nkana at home.

Three Clubs are yet to win a game this season. Prison Leopards in stream A . In B we have FC MUZA and Lumwana Radiants.

We are counting 44 goals in stream A and 42 goals in stream B.

Take note that recovery may be tough with only 18 games to be played this season and hence if you want your team survive, the time to pick up those points is now.

Interesting situations in the two streams.

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