Teargasing of UNZA hostels was criminal – Milupi

vlcsnap-5395-03-27-20h12m29s892The Zambia Police Command should take responsibility for the crime committed when police officers fired teargas in students’ hostels during a riot at the University of Zambia last week leading to the loss of life, Alliance for Democracy and Development President Charles Milupi has said.

Mr Milupi says it is against the Geneva international protocol on chemical weapons to release teargas in a confined room.

He says under this protocol, which Zambia has ratified and domesticated into law, discharging tear gas in a confined room is part of the definition of a chemical weapon.

In an interview with QTV News, Mr. Milupi says if any police officer therefore discharges teargas in a confined room as case was at the University of Zambia, they must be prosecuted under international law.

He says Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja and Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo must in this case be answerable to the crime police officers have committed.

Mr Milupi says given the gravity of the crime leading to the loss of life, Mr. Kanganja and Mr. Kampyongo should have resigned by now.

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