Defiant Museveni downplays Uganda’s removal from AGOA

(BBC) Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has downplayed concerns over the expulsion of his country from a special US-Africa trade programme. Last week, US President Joe Biden said Uganda and three other African countries would be removed from the African Growth and Opportunity Act –AGOA, citing Uganda’s “gross violations of internationally recognised human rights”. But President

Ugandan MPs reject birth control for 15-year-old girls

(BBC) Ugandan lawmakers have rejected a government proposal to allow 15-year-old girls to access birth control pills to reduce high levels of pregnancy. Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa called the idea “devilish”, saying it would “formalise [the] defilement” of girls. A senior health ministry official said the “stigma” around young people using contraceptives should end. Nearly

Ugandans asked to stop ‘strangers’ in worship places

(BBC) Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans to be vigilant in the wake of terrorism threats, asking that all visitors be checked before entering places of worship and recreational facilities. In a televised address to the nation on Thursday evening, President Museveni asked Ugandans not to allow any “strange” people to churches and mosques

Ugandan minister shot dead by his bodyguard

(BBC) A Ugandan national army soldier has shot and killed a government minister whom he was guarding. Retired Col Charles Okello Engola, the deputy minister for labour, was shot at his home in the capital, Kampala, on Tuesday morning. It is not yet clear whether there was an argument between the soldier and his boss.

Six children in same Uganda family catch Ebola

(BBC) Six children in the same Kampala family have contracted Ebola, authorities in Uganda’s capital say. For weeks medics have been calling for tougher measures to prevent the virus spreading to Kampala. Viruses can spread faster in densely populated areas and this particular strain of Ebola – called the Sudan strain – has no vaccine

Toxic gin survivors in Uganda go blind – medic

A toxic gin concoction that killed 14 people in north-western Uganda has left others blind, a doctor has told the country’s Daily Monitor newspaper. All the victims are believed to have consumed a locally manufactured spirit called City 5 Pineapple Flavoured Gin over the weekend in Madi-Okollo district. “These people have now lost their sight
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