Partial withdrawal of pension contributions for NAPSA members coming – TAMBATAMBA

By Brian Mwale Labour Minister BRENDA TAMBATAMBA says the Amendment Bill to allow early access of pension contributions for members of the National Pension Scheme Authority -NAPSA- is still being developed. Ms. TAMBATAMBA says the Bill will be introduced in Parliament once the drafting process has been finalised. She says the National Pension Scheme Amendment

Importation Of Non-Skilled & Semi-Skilled Labour Won’t Be Tolerated – TAMBATAMBA

By Angela Limwanya Labour Minister BRENDA TAMBATAMBA says government will not tolerate importation of non-skilled and semi-skilled labour by investors in the country. Ms. TAMBATAMBA says the government will only take exceptions when there are compelling reasons for expertise which should be backed by a succession plan. She has explained that new entities that may

Labour minister engages Sinoma Cement plant management

By Masauso Mkwayaya Labour Minister BRENDA TAMBATAMBA has called on investors to be free to approach Government over any concerns they may have regarding their operations. Ms. TAMBATAMBA says Government wants a win-win situation for investors and locals through employment opportunities. The Labour Minister said this when she met management at Mpande Limestone, the owners

Sinoma Cement plant management reprimanded

By Masauso Mkwayaya Labour Minister BRENDA TAMBATAMBA has reprimanded Mpande Limestone, the owners of Sinoma Cement for employing expatriates against the legally allowable number. Ms. TAMBATAMBA says the Employment Act provides for every five expatriates to be complimented by 200 local employees. She is concerned that Mpande Limestone has 25 Chinese expatriates against a workforce
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