Boris Nadezhdin: Putin challenger submits bid to run for Russian president

(BBC) Kremlin challenger Boris Nadezhdin says he has collected enough signatures to stand as a candidate in Russia’s upcoming presidential election. The former local councillor has become known for his relatively outspoken criticism of Mr. Putin and of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Mr. Nadezhdin said he handed over more than the 100,000 required signatures

Putin makes rare foreign trip to Gulf states

(BBC) Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a rare trip abroad to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. Expected discussion topics included the wars in Gaza and Ukraine, as well as oil production, with the UAE president. The UAE is currently hosting the COP28 UN climate summit. Mr. Putin, who has barely left

PUTIN breaks silence over Prigozhin plane crash

(BBC) Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent his condolences to the victims of Wednesday’s plane crash, describing Prigozhin as a “talented businessman”. In a televised address, he said the Wagner boss “made serious mistakes in life, but also sought to achieve the necessary results”. And he warned that the investigation into the crash would take

Russia ready to resume nuclear weapons testing

(BBC) Escalation. It’s become President Putin’s watchword. And we saw more of it today. “Russia suspends its participation in the New Start treaty,” announced the Kremlin leader in his state of the nation address as he blamed the West. New Start is the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty between Russia and America. It limits

Putin vows to continue hitting Ukraine’s power grid

(BBC) Vladimir Putin has vowed to continue attacking Ukraine’s energy infrastructure despite millions being left without electricity or water. “Yes, we do that. But who started it?” the Russian president said at an awards ceremony in the Kremlin. He said that criticism of Russian strikes would “not interfere with our combat missions”. Moscow has been
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