ZPPA DG fired

By Mwila Nsofu President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has terminated the appointment of Zambia Public Procurement Authority –ZPPA- Director General, IDAH CHELLA with immediate effect. This is pursuant to Article 270 of the Constitution. President HICHILEMA has thanked Mrs. CHELLA for the service rendered to the people of Zambia, Government and wished her well in her future

ZPPA trains Suppliers in the use of E-GP system

By Boone Phiri The Zambia Public Procurement Authority -ZPPA- says it has trained 474 suppliers in the Electronic Government Procurement -EGP- system in Lusaka Province. ZPPA Director General IDAH CHELLA says this was done through the help desk in the fourth quarter of 2023. Ms. CHELLA says the suppliers now have full knowledge of procurement

Councils fail procurement standards test 

By Sharon Siame The Zambia Public Procurement Authority -ZPPA- says most local authorities are not following the law on the eligibility for participation in open national bidding procurement method. ZPPA Director General, IDAH CHELLA says this is resulting in a lot of appeals. Ms. CHELLA says in the first quarter of 2023, ten appeals were

Three Suppliers Permanently Banned From Participating In Public Procurement

By Mark Ziligone The Zambia Public Procurement Authority -ZPPA- has permanently barred three suppliers from participating in public procurement. ZPPA Director General IDAH CHELLA says Greenside Investment Limited, FMC Farms Limited and Simuliya Trading Company have been barred for colluding and conniving in the submission of quotations in a tender by the Ministry of Health.

ZPPA Suspends private company

Paul Shalala – The Zambia Public Procurement Authority -ZPPA- has suspended a private company,  Marshall’s Electronics Limited, from bidding for government contracts for failure to discharge contractual obligations. Marshall’s Electronics Limited, which was contracted by the Ministry of Information and Media and the Zambia News and Information and Services -ZANIS- to supply electronics, failed to
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