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Stop spreading unfounded accusations, KALABA told

By Mwila Nsofu, Government has dismissed as baseless, accusations made opposition Citizens First leader HARRY KALABA, that it is involved in the production of a video making rounds on media platforms where he was being confronted by a Zimbabwean Journalist on account of him being part of the infamous Gold Mafias. Chief Government Spokesperson, CHUSHI

President HICHILEMA doesn’t interfere in affairs of other political parties

By Ruth Chayinda Presidential Spokesperson ANTHONY BWALYA says it is regrettable that HARRY KALABA and his other opposition political party allies, have made some unfounded accusations that President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA interfered with the registration process of his political party. Mr. BWALYA says President HICHILEMA has not and will never interfere in the political affairs of

KALABA forms new political party

By Mary Kachepa Former Democratic Party President HARRY KALABA has formed a new party called Citizens First. Mr. KALABA says his colleagues in the party have requested him to be the interim leader. He says the party brings diversity to the table and unity among opposition political parties. In an interview with ZNBC News, Mr.

Harry Kalaba’s Democratic Party Banned

THE Ministry of Home Affairs has once again banned the Democratic Party and had urged it to stop conducting any political activities. Last year, the Democratic Party sued Government through the Attorney General on the basis that the Registrar of Societies rejected to issue their Party a duplicate Certificate of registration despite having paid the…
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