Sven’s best quotes and Answers

The Football Association of Zambia yesterday announced the appointment of Aggrey Chiyangi as the 1st Assistant Coach and Mr Numba Mumamba as second assistant coach to national team head coach Mr Sven

Vandenbroek in a press statement made available to the ZamFoot crew.

FAZ further advised that Sven’s contract which comes to an end in March will NOT be renewed, Meaning the Belgian will leave his post at the helm of Chipolopolo just after nine months in charge.

During his nine months tenure as Chipolopolo boss the Belgian has made some very interesting quotes which we will take a look at in this piece.

The most famous is the ‘ZAMBIA Is not a footballing Nation’ he did not phrase it exactly that way but that’s how the fans have carried it, Below are his actual words.

“Everyone wants to believe that Zambia is a big country in football maybe it is but we only won it once in 2012, you always have to base

it on the past few years not 40 years ago, in 2013 first round out, 2015 first round out 2017 did not qualify and 2019 so maybe we need to build from grassroots trough certain structure to have a strong team,” Sven told the Zambia Daily Mail.

Well the Belgian annoyed a few fans with this one as he said it just after Zambia failed to qualify to the Egypt 2019 AFCON with a shambolic performance in Mozambique.

The qoute which sparked debate was ” Most Zambian coaches do know how to use comuters”. Again he did not exactly say thisaas he was talking about the use of modern technologies in football today.

Now the fact that he had failed to qualify Chipolopolo to AFCON, the fans were taking anything he said with a pinch of salt.

The two  qoutes above are  the most famous but not the only ones, below are a few more comments the former Cameroon Assistant coach made.

Below are some of the popular ones:

  • Seychelles is a destination for Holiday.
  • Botswana is not well known to me in terms of football.
  • Angola at least they have hosted Africa cup before.
  • Congo DR I know them because of TP Mazembe
  • South Africa yes they play ‘good’ football because Most zambian players their dream is to play there.
  • That’s a stupid question but I will answer it anyway
  • Maybe you watched another game

Which one did you like the most or did not like at all? Tell us in the comment box

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