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Bible Gospel Church in Africa -BIGOCA- overseer Peter Ndhlovu has urged President Edgar Lungu to emphasize on strengthening the country’s values and morals as he addresses parliament tomorrow.
Bishop Ndhlovu says it is important for the country to continue upholding morals which are contained in the holy scriptures.
He said this will reaffirm the country’s stance as a Christian nation.
And political scientist Alex Ng’oma says he is hopeful that President Lungu will give guidance on how best the country can achieve peace and stability.
Another political scientist Chris Zimba is hopeful that the President will articulate to what extent government is applying the national values around democratic governance and Political tolerance among others.
Meanwhile, Foundation for Democratic Process -FODEP- President Mumbuna Mwenda has called on the President to emphasize on the need for Zambian to respect each other regardless of tribe, colour and religion.
And Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa has urged Zambians to tune in to tomorrow’s Presidential address and follow proceedings
In a statement availed to ZNBC News today, Mr. Mulemwa also called on citizens to be actively involved in promoting the country’s morals and values.
ZNBC will televise the Presidential address and also stream live the proceedings on Facebook.

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News Source: ZNBC

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