PATRIOTIC Front (PF) in Southern Province has told UPND in the province to stop misleading the people, particularly those in Dundumwezi that the ruling party does not care for them.
Provincial information and publicity secretary Paul Silungwe said that the opposition UPND in the province has been peddling lies that the PF did not like the people of Southern Province.
In an interview in Livingstone, Mr. Silungwe said that the UPND has been scandalizing the ruling party and that time had come for the opposition political party to admit that PF was taking development to all parts of Zambia without leaving any area behind. “We want to challenge the UPND to tone down on telling the people lies that the PF does not like the people of Southern Province and Dundumwezi in particular. For a very long time the opposition party has been claiming that government has neglected the people of Dundumwezi but look at what is happening in the area, there is massive development taking place,” said Mr. Silungwe,
“We would like to thank President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for fulfilling the promises he made to the people of Dundumwezi. As a party, we are seeing the development that is taking place in the area,” he said.
He said that so far, progress on the Kalomo-Dundumwezi Road had been achieved, adding that more than half of the works had been completed.
“The President promised the people of Dundumwezi that he was going to deliver the telecommunication towers and as we speak right now, the areas has network and people have stopped climbing trees to access mobile network,” he said.

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