OPPOSITION political parties must stop abusing their right to offer constructive criticism on the government and President Edgar Lungu by peddling hate-speech and mudslinging because it is unacceptable, the Zambian DNA has said.  
Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa said his organisation had noted the continued hate-speech targeted at Government and President Lungu by some opposition political parties and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) which they were mistaking for provision of checks and balances.
Mr Mulemwa said he was surprised at the increasing levels of hate-speech propagated by some individuals aimed at tarnishing the image of Government.
“Whilst constructive criticism of President Lungu is acceptable, hate speech, character-assassination and malice is unacceptable. Zambian DNA has observed with great sadness how some disgruntled political party leaders, CSOs and church leaders have taken turns to attack President Lungu and other Government officials relentlessly out of malice and envy.
“We see no value for the said leaders to pursue non-issue based politics when Zambians expect them to provide alternative solutions to many problems the country is currently facing,” he said.
He said those who had consistently alleged that there was a political crisis and a breakdown in the rule of law should be ashamed of themselves as such assertions had no iota of truth but wishful thinking.
“Opposition political parties should provide checks and balances to Government instead of playing politics on critical national issues that affect the Zambians people. In the same vein, we do not believe that there’s a breakdown of the rule of law as purported by some opposition political party leaders,” Mr Mulemwa said.

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