I FELT disgusted and scared when Brian Bwalya Kalonga, our dormitory patron, tried to insert his manhood into my anus twice, a 14-year- old Grade 9 pupil has testified in the Kabwe Magistrates’ Court.
The boy told the court that Kalonga first started fondling his private parts while asking him if he had reached puberty as he pulled him on top. The boy said Kalonga also forced him to perform a sex dance for him.
This was during continued trial in the case where Kalonga is facing 16 counts of sodomy.
Another 15-year-old pupil of the same Anchorage Secondary School, who testified as fourth witness, recalled that in the third term last year, Kalonga asked him to sleep with him in his room so that the boy’s chicken pox could not spread to other pupils.
He told the court that around 01:30 hours he woke up after which Kalonga asked him what he was doing and told him he was checking the clock.
“I went back to sleep then Mr. Kalonga held me tightly and started asking me if I knew how to arouse sexual feelings in someone but I kept quiet,” testified the pupil.
The victim told the court that Kalonga then started fondling his manhood with his right hand after which the boy stopped him but he continued.
“Mr Kalonga then started asking me if I had started releasing semen and I told him no. He then started putting his manhood in my anus, I then moved to the wall but he pulled me towards him again with his right hand,” said the pupil.
He said at that point, Kalonga slept facing upwards and the boy slept in the same position.
The pupil testified that to his surprise, Kalonga started making advances again and pulled him on top of him and starting asking him to perform sexual dances just as he was doing.
He said Kalonga then held him tightly on his waist with both hands and started moving him up and down.
The victim testified that when his friends who were sleeping in the same room woke up, Kalonga pushed him aside.
He said Kalonga then asked him if he was annoyed and if he would report him. The boy said he told Kalonga that he was annoyed because what he was doing to him was bad. He said Kalonga told him that he had stopped.
The pupil told the court that he informed his older brother who was at the same school about what Mr Kalonga had done to him.
Brian Bwalya Kalonga, charged with 16 counts of sodomy
He said around 16:00 hours the following day, Kalonga called all the Grade 8 pupils, by then, to his room and started asking them who had informed the Grade 9 pupils that he was having anal sex with them but no one responded.
Kalonga then made a rule that no one was allowed to go to his room and threatened the pupils that no one was going to pass exams as he had gone through difficult situations.
The third witness testified that in March this year Kalonga tried to insert his manhood twice in his anus. This was after Kalonga asked the boy to sleep with him in his room on the pretext that he (Kalonga) was unwell and needed company.
“When it was time to sleep around 21:30 hours after we had finished watching an action movie on Mr Kalonga’s laptop with my friends in the dormitory, he asked me to sleep with him in his room saying he was not feeling well,” the boy testified.
He told the court that around 22:00 hours when everyone was asleep, Kalonga put his hands through the boxer shorts he was wearing and reached for his manhood which he then started fondling.
The juvenile testified that he tried to move Mr Kalonga’s hands from his manhood but he threatened to beat him and the boy kept quiet for fear of being beaten.
He said Kalonga then pulled down the boy’s boxer shorts to his knees and then tried to insert his manhood in his anus.
He testified that with the little energy left in him, he managed to push away Kalonga’s manhood and put his underwear, leaving the perpetrator hopeless.
“After I managed to pull his manhood out of my anus, Mr Kalonga turned aside and slept. I also slept on the same bed with him until the following morning,” the victim said.
He testified that after waking up unhappy the following morning, he prepared for school where he disclosed the ordeal to his friend who told him not to disclose to anyone.
The victim told the court that during lunch time, the school deputy head teacher called him to his office and asked him whether he was one of the pupils that were being abused by Kalonga and tried to conceal the truth.
“I tried to refuse when the deputy head asked me about what Mr Kalonga was doing because I feared he (Kalonga) would beat me because he beats badly but because he persisted I agreed that he tried to insert his manhood in my anus,” said the pupil.
He testified that after that the deputy head teacher called all the grade nine pupils to Kalonga’s room and asked each one of them whether Kalonga had tried to have anal sex with them and most of them agreed.
He told the court that after the meeting, Mr Kalonga went behind one of the dormitories and prayed while weeping.
Out of about 19 witnesses, 17 of them have so far testified since trial commenced on Monday this week.
The matter has since been adjourned while Kalonga remains in remand custody.

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