Siliya Schools Foote on Diplomatic Etiquette

Chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya says it is regrettable that United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote skipped diplomatic etiquette in airing his grievances gayism.

In a statement, Siliya said Foote should have used established diplomatic channels to register his sentiments.

The chief government spokesperson said government’s anti gayism stance was a reflection of the Zambian people’s position.

“We are all reminded that the people of Zambia have consistently made their position clear on two issues in any constitution making process. Firstly the inclusion of the death penalty to be maintained. Secondly, the exclusion of multiple sexual orientation except between a man and a woman,” she said.

“It is for this reason that all successive governments have never decriminalized homosexuality in the penal code of Zambia. As such there is clear congruence between the constitution and the laws of Zambia.”

Siliya added: “I wish to reiterate that the position of the Government of the Republic of Zambia on gayism is the position of the people of Zambia who are simply asking for their religious and cultural values.”

She said that Foote should have taken the cue from President Edgar Lungu’s strong anti-gay stance.

“It is indeed regrettable that even after the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu had made Zambia’s position on gayism clear, Ambassador Foote decided to go against diplomatic etiquette, by continuing to issue a statement on the matter. This is indeed regrettable,” she said.

Ambassador Foote has drawn the wrath of the Zambian government for his having criticized the High Court’s decision to sentence to 15 years two gay men for having sex against the order of nature.

News source: Zambia Reports

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