COUNCILLORS at Siavonga District Council will soon undertake a developmental tour to Kariba town in Zimbabwe to learn how the local authority there is handling service delivery to the residents, says council chairman James Simaata.
Mr Simaata disclosed in an interview that the local authority wants to learn how the municipality of Kariba was dealing with issues of illegal settlements and also how they had managed to develop the tourism sector using local resources.
He said during the tour, the councillors would also have an opportunity to learn how the   local authority in Kariba Town was managing sanitation and sewer disposal considering that Kariba and Siavonga have similar hilly terrain.
Mr. Simataa also said Kariba Town is a tourist town and therefore Siavonga being a tour resort has a lot to learn in terms of infrastructure development and other issues that support the tourism sector.
Residents in both Siavonga and Kariba have been calling for the twining of the two towns that share Africa’s largest man-made lake.

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