Sesheke by election violence a sure pointer That ZCID and Church should commence dialogue immediately – Ndoyi

Outspoken MMD youth Prince Ndoyi says politicians and the leaders of the three Church Mother Bodies CMBs should look beyond their bellies and put the interests of the nation ahead of their personal agendas by agreeing to commence with the national political dialogue.

Commenting on the recent spats of political violence witnessed in Sesheke and Lundazi where the UPND and the PF have crushed in their campaign trials Ndoyi said the only remedy to ending political violence during campaigns is to have institutional and political reforms which will not only strengthen laws but give the relevant institutions the much needed independence and power to mercilessly deal with the culprits.

The former ZANASU and Mulungushi University student leader observed that reconciling President Lungu and his purported nemesis Hakainde Hichilema is not the solution to the violence being exhibited by the two political parties as seen by the violence in the by elections despite the two signing off a peace accord by the youths.

He explained that without any political reforms the violence in 2021general elections will be unprecedented.

“Violence cannot be dealt with by reconciling Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema, then we shall be missing the point. It can only be done through constructive political reforms as espoused in the dialogue agenda emanating from Siavonga.

“But unfortunately we have a group of church leaders coupled with some politicians who are not sensitive to these early warnings except for their bellies. If a simple By election for a member of parliament can turn out this way on the backdrop of those peace and non violence truces signed by UPND and PF youth wings what about the Presidential election ahead of us.

“As a young person it’s easy to see that “PRIDE” is destroying the objectivity of our church while “HUNGER FOR POWER” has intoxicated and poisoned the objectivity of our political leaders,” he said.

Ndoyi has breathed hot fumes on ZCID and the Church leaders describing their continued standoff as a circus.”We cannot continue with the circus we as a nation are being subjected to. That is why as youths we have said the old generation leaders both politicians and church leaders have both lost the script,” he said.

The young politician said youths are hopeful that the process will help strengthen laws that prohibit political violence among young people in the country.

He observed that the continued delay in commencing with the dialogue process is simply a sabotage and that the CMBs leaders and a section of politicians should both know that they are accomplices to the failure of dialogue due to selfish interests.

He said the blame will not only be put on the PF or UPND but will include MMD, FDD and all other political stakeholders especially the CMBs leaders whom he said have failed to rise above the simplicity of the veil.

He wondered how the church can fail to agree with an already united political group which developed consensus way back.

“They don’t mean well and they must understand that the pain of discipline is much less than the pain of regret. I implore them to elude their agendas and endure the pain of discipline for the good of our nation.

“Jealous and envy is the order of the day in this proposed dialogue, material benefits and self aggrandisement is what most confusionists seem to hope to achieve other than the peace and safety of the nation,” he said.

He further added that any civil unrest beyond 2021 should be blamed on those playing cheap and dirty games at the expense of making progress with the political dialogue that should bring about reforms and avert any such eventualities in 2021.

Ndoyi also called for the inclusion of youths in the dialogue process adding that should the CMB leaders and ZCID fail to agree President Lungu should appoint a technical committee and commence with the needed political reforms.

“We demand the church and ZCID issue a statement as to the position of the dialogue and when it shall commence. We also expect more youth stakeholders in the process because the shadow boxing among the older ones is retrogressive and may delude the good intentions of this dialogue.

“If these back and forth meetings persist, President Lungu should take leadership and appoint a technical committee whose membership should be drawn in consultation with ZCID which is a motherbody for all political parties in Zambia,” he said.

Ndoyi’s comment is a timely one seeing that PF lawmaker Harry Kalaba has just resigned, another by election in a PF stronghold spelling out what to expect in light of the violence being experienced in Sesheke.

The shadow boxing between ZCID and CMB leaders has continued as the two institutions have seemingly failed to reach a consensus on the modalities surrounding  the dialogue process such as the bank account for the dialogue process and the secretariat.

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