Senegal president plans amnesty bill to end tensions

BBC News

Senegal’s President, Macky Sall has proposed an amnesty for those convicted in connection with political protests in the past three years.

He said this would make it possible “to pacify the political arena and further strengthen our national cohesion”.

He was speaking at talks which have been largely boycotted by the opposition and civic groups.

The beleaguered president has been widely criticised for postponing elections which were due to take place on Sunday, without setting a new date.

The Constitutional Court has ruled that the vote should be held as soon as possible.

The suggested amnesty bill – which Mr Sall says will be put to parliament on Wednesday – has already been condemned by his opponents.

They say the aim is to ensure that members of the security forces, and President Sall himself, cannot be prosecuted for the deaths of protesters.

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