School Calendar Revised: Term 3 For Non-Exam Classes To Start In January, 2021

The Ministry of General Education says term three for grades 7, 9 and 12 examination classes opened on 14th September 2020 and closes on Friday, 4th December 2020.

Ministry Permanent Secretary Jobbicks Kalumba said this is for examination classes as non-examination classes will open on 21st September 2020 and will close on 4th December 2020, while the third term commences in January, 2021.

This is according to a circular dated September 14th, 2020 addressed to all Provincial Education Officers, District Education Board Secretaries and all Head Teachers on the guidance on the reopening of schools.

“School calendar adjustments; Term three for grade 7, 9 and 1 2 (examination classes) opens on 14 September 2020 and closes on Friday 4 December 2020 after which respective examinations will be conducted. Term two for non-examination classes opens on 21 September 2020 and closes Friday 4 December 2020. Term three for the non-examination classes opens on 4 January 2021 and closes on Friday 19 March 2021,” Dr. Kalumba stated.

“Term one for all grades in 2021 opens on Monday, 29th March 2021. Details of the revised school calendar will be availed to you in due course. Teaching and learning schedules. The type of teaching and learning schedules that schools need to adopt during this period of the Covid pandemic, will depend largely on the learner population, availability of classrooms and the staffing situation. Schools with small class sizes, adequate classrooms and staff may require minimal or no adjustment to their timetables. Those with large learner populations, inadequate facilities and low staffing levels will require a lot of adjustments. Schools will have the liberty to devise their own system that works well bearing in mind the requirement for social distancing in addition to the other health guidelines.”

Dr. Kalumba has further suggested strategies that schools can adopt.

“Splitting of classes that have a lot of learners. Use of 2 or 3 sessions in a day. Use of alternate days for learning for a split class and Prioritizing the learning areas and subjects that would be given more time as guided by the teaching and learning schedule. Learners should be assigned tasks to engage them constructively during the time they are not formally engaged in class. Foreign examining bodies: In line with the re-opening of schools, foreign examining bodies operating in your area can also proceed with their scheduled examinations and assessments subject to adherence to COVID 19 health guidelines,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kalumba says all schools have been availed with health guidelines in relation to Coronavirus.

“Ensure that schools continue to strictly adhere to the provisions in the guidelines so as to ascertain the safety of learners and staff. Schools should foster a close working relationship with health institutions within the vicinity of the school and the local community to enhance surveillance. Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In order to sustain the availability of face masks and sanitizers, school authorities in collaboration with parents should work together to ensure that these are provided to learners,” he stated.

He stated that parents should pay school fees and has further told teachers to avoid worships.

“It is every parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to pay school fees for their children. Encourage parents and guardians to pay the school fees in full in order to facilitate the provision of quality education. In cases where parents or guardians have genuine financial challenges, the schools should engage them so as to agree on payment plans such as instalments. In some cases, payment in kind should be accepted. Workshops and meetings for teachers.

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News Source: ZambiaReports

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