By Wilson Mulinda:Authorities in Lusaka have officially unveiled a road named after Football Icon Kalusha Bwalya.Los Angeles road in Kanyama has now been named Kalusha Bwalya.Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says Government has put in place deliberate policies to honour the country’s heroes in various fields.Speaking shortly after unveiling the road, Lusambo said it is inevitable that heroes are honoured due to the roles they played in creating legacies for the country.Lusambo has also urged Bwalya to continue being good to the people of Zambia so that his name can continue to have good test in their mouths.Meanwhile, Kalusha Bwalya has thanked the Lusaka City Council and all Zambians for honoring him.Kalusha said he will do everything possible to ensure that sports men and women remain disciplined so that they may be rewarded in similar fashion or even better.And Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa said the council has an open policy if anyone wants a road named in their honor.Sampa said Lusaka has got over 2 hundred unnamed roads which anyone can apply for. Post Views: 22
News Source: ZNBC

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