“Resolute Against Malicious Campaigns”

… The UPND remains steadfast in opposing a malicious campaign within Zambia’s energy sector aimed at the managing director, Victor Mapan.

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (02-06-2024) – The United Party for National Development (UPND) has exposed a malicious social media campaign aimed at destabilizing Zambia’s energy sector by targeting ZESCO’s Managing Director, Engineer Victor Mapani.

UPND Chairperson for Labour and Social Security, Godfrey Beene, revealed that the campaign falsely accuses Engineer Mapani of nepotism, claiming he hired his daughter solely based on their shared surname.

While condemning nepotism in all forms, Beene emphasized that competence and merit should guide the energy sector.

He highlighted Engineer Mapani’s visionary $6.4 billion investment plan to enhance ZESCO’s operations and meet the growing demand for electricity, demonstrating a commitment to progress and sustainability.

Beene also noted ZESCO’s efforts to address outstanding debts to independent power producers and enhance transparency in procurement processes, showcasing the institution’s dedication to accountability and efficiency.

Despite these commendable efforts, Beene observed a concerted effort to destabilize ZESCO by targeting Engineer Mapani and his relatives, threatening the institution’s stability and transformative agenda.

He emphasized ZESCO’s commitment to providing equal employment opportunities based on merit, without ethnic or political considerations.

Beene urged stakeholders to stand firm against the smear campaign and recognize ZESCO’s pivotal role in Zambia’s energy sector.

He warned that attempts to remove Engineer Mapani could jeopardize the progress and prosperity of ZESCO and the entire energy sector.

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