Request Muntanga Finally Adopted For Kalomo Central

MuntangaThe opposition UPND has finally adopted Request Muntanga to recontest the Kalomo Central parliamentary seat in the August 11 polls.

UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma yesterday said the party was still finalising the final list of adopted candidates and that Muntanga, who suffered a minor stroke on Saturday following rumours that he had been left out, would recontest his seat.

“Honourable Request Muntanga fell sick before we did the adoptions from Southern Province and by the time we were going for adoption for Southern Province, Request Muntanga had already been rushed to the hospital.

But nonetheless, we still proceeded and adopted him as our candidate for Kalomo Constituency,” Kakoma said.

“So his illness may not be directly linked to his adoption or non-adoption. But some people think that his illness is linked to this. As a layman, I don’t know what caused the illness but what happened cannot be because of the adoptions. In any case, the adoption certificate was given to him. I am just from visiting him at the hospital and he is doing better than he was yesterday.”

Media reports speculated that Muntanga suffered a minor stroke after he learned he was not on the list of the adopted candidates in the forthcoming election.

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