Registrar of Societies dismisses UKA assertions

Ruth Chayinda


The Registrar of Societies has dismissed allegations that it is hindering and refusing to registrar United Kwacha Alliance -UKA.

Acting Chief Registrar of Societies MARIAH MULENGA says members of the United Kwacha Alliance -UKA- have not made any application despite being given the relevant assistance, application forms and all requirements.

Ms MULENGA said although United Liberal Party leader SAKWIBA SIKOTA and others visited the registrar of societies to search and reserve the name UKA, they have not returned to officially apply to register the association as a pressure group.

She said Mr SIKOTA later returned to verbally request that the group be changed from pressure group to a political party but did go back when he was advised to put the request in writing.

Ms. MULENGA said Mr SIKOTA later returned on 28th February, 2024, with Mr JACKSON SILAVWE, President of the Golden party of Zambia to collect an application form to register the United Kwacha Alliance as a pressure group and not a political party.

She said in a statement to ZNBC that the two have not gone back to the department to make any application for the registration of United Kwacha Alliance – UKA.

Ms MULENGA said it is unfortunate that Mr. SIKOTA and his Alliance members have resorted to politicking in the media to try and bring the name of Government into disrepute.

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