Reduce Mealie Meal Prices Or Close Your Shops, Warns Mwakalombe

Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe has threatened to close all mealie meal outlets that are selling the commodity at over K130.

Mr. Mwakalombe, who was on a tour to sensitize marketers on COVID-19, opted to explain the challenges of mealie meal shortages and high prices.

“I will move in to check what is happening. These milliers are given cheap maize by government, through FRA. So if I find anyone selling more than the K130 mark, I will close the shop,” Mr Mwakalombe told the marketeers at Chisokone market in Ndola.

Meanwhile, traders and vendors at Kapalala market in Ndola have welcomed the move by Ndola City Council to suspend trade for 48 hours to help clean surroundings.

The Ndola City Council has given directives to have all the 33 markets closed for 48 hours effective yesterday to facilitate thorough cleaning as a way of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Later, Mr. Mwakalombe started explaining Bill 10 to the marketers.

“This is a good Bill, it wants to give the marketers chance to have representation in Parliament. So this is what the government wants to do,” Mr. Mwakalombe said.

He then said President Lungu is very much concerned with COVID-19.

“This is a serious concern for President Lungu. The President does not sleep, he has put in serious measures to address this,” Mr. Mwakalombe said.

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