Real Nakonde dare FAZ, De-register us if you want

FAZ Division one Zone three side Real Nakonde has dared the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to deregister them if they so wish because they won’t pay the K25,000 fine slapped on them by the Disciplinary Committee after their failure to fulfill the first five games.

The Muchinga based club General Secretary Roy Nyambe has been quoted in the print media to have said they sweat to find money to fulfill fixtures so they can’t afford to pay the fine.

Nyambe said the Association can ‘de-register them if they wish as they have no money to pay the K25,000 fine’.

He further went on to say that the disciplinary committee was their to ‘fix people’

“The ruling was expected as we are dealing with an administration which chooses which team will go to the Super Division in the Boardroom instead of concentrating on qualifying Zambia to the Africa Cup of Nations. We will not appeal against the decision because we know we will not get justice,” Nyambe told the Daily Nation Newspaper.

The Disciplinary Committee last week fined Real Nakonde and ordered them to pay a fine of K25, 000 for boycotting five league fixtures at the opening of the 2019 transitional season.


Real Nakonde won promotion at the end of the 2018 FAZ division one zone four season thanks to a better goal difference after they finished level on points (70) with Prison Leopards.

However the Kabwe based club, Leopards won promotion to the Super League weeks after the Division One season came to a close at the expense of Real Nakonde who had earlier been confirmed as the team to have won promotion. Leopards were awarded three points by the players status and transfer committee following their complaint from week 23.

Leopards complained against their week 23 opponents Tazara Express who used four players with the same FAZ registration number 029145M98 which belongs to Mulwanda Mwalimu. According to David Simusamba, Players Status and transfer committee vice chairman, There is no evidence of registration of the other three players.

Musamba in a ruling made available to the ZamFoot crew at the time concluded that Tazara fraudulently registered the players and hence imposed a fine of K5000 and that they forfeit three points and a three nil scoreline to Prison Leopards.

Real Nakonde had also lodged a complaint against Malalo Police for using an ineligible player Gift Mwaba in a week two encounter. Their complaint was however ruled against . They appealed and also lost the appeal.

Nakonde then petitioned the National Sports Council of Zambia to suspend the kick-off of the Super League in its transitional format until the cases involving the club and Malalo Police and Kateshi Coffee Bullets FC are resolved in accordance with the laws of the game.

Nakonde then threatened to report FAZ to CAF and FIFA before boycotting to play the first five games.

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