Rains Leave Solwezi Residents With Complaints Over Muddy Roads

Zambia has in the recent past been experiencing load shedding which has come as a result of low water levels at the Kariba North Bank.

In most areas, people have been praying for rains which appear to have delayed to help fill up the man-made dam.

However, that is not the case for the people of Solwezi who had experienced a heavy downpour that has now left Township roads muddy.

With most roads still in gravel form, some residents in the township are now complaining with the coming in of rains.

Kelvin Nkolomba is a Civic leader serving as Independent Councillor for Chovwe Ward and is disappointed that no proper planning was put in place to improve on Township roads.

“It was raining today in Solwezi, now look at the township roads connecting the compounds from central business district; it’s already a mess. Instead of people appreciating the rains, they feel it has disturbed their movements because of mud and sitting waters,” Nkolomba said.

He has wondered when the 21km  township road project flagged off by the President in 2015 would be actualized.

“Why don’t we plan before the onset of the rains? You can’t go in Solwezi main market if you are coming from the main station for fear of being humiliated by the mud resulting from the rains. Ours is not politicking but merely bringing out  reality and facts on the ground,” said Nkolomba.

News source: Zambia Reports

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