I’AM not impressed with the dress code among some public officers, says Public Service Commission (PSC) chairperson Dickson Chasaya.
Addressing public service workers at the Monze council chamber on Tuesday, Mr Chisaya expressed sadness to note that some civil servants were in the habit of wearing t-shirts and jeans.
He cautioned all public service workers to adhere to public service dress code to display good image of government at all times.
“Whatever you do make sure you dress appropriately because what you wear at work reflects the image of government and not your image so next time I come here I will not tolerate this kind of dressing,” Mr. Chasaya warned.
He also urged heads of government departments in Monze to be proactive and ensure that all issues affecting their subordinates are taken up and forwarded to the commission for determination. Mr Chisaya said it was important for heads of departments to ensure that issues to do with promotions, transfers, among others should be dealt with expeditiously to motivate subordinates and ensure enhanced service delivery.
Mr. Chasaya noted that it was not good for civil servants to over stay in one place as this compromises their work ability and leads to inefficiency.
The Commission Chairperson also cautioned public service workers against engaging themselves in any form of politics saying their role was to serve the government of the day and ensure that all government aspiration for the people of Zambia were met without fail.
“I wish to direct all  heads of departments to be proactive in handling issues to do with promotions, transfers and other matters affecting your subordinates so that these people under you can be motivated and  thus ensure enhanced service delivery to people’s expectations,” said Mr.Chisaya.
And PSC vice chairperson Hillary Chipango urged public workers to strictly adhere to the code of ethics and ensure their subordinates do the same to enhance service delivery in Monze.
He pointed out that the commission was concerned about low levels of compliance to the code of ethics and warned public workers to follow the laid down rules or risk facing serious disciplinary actions.
“The commission is concerned about the poor compliance to code of ethics among civil servants and this has to come to an end. You may wish to know that as a commission we are not happy to institute disciplinary actions on people over issues that are straight forward such as following the code of ethics but we shall continue to ensure that all erring officers are dealt with as long as they continue to disregard these laid down rules,” said Mr. Chipango.

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