Presidential vote by province: Who won where?

FB_IMG_1471518878303By Emmanuel Mwamba

Now that the General Election is over, it is time to examine in detail the outcome of this Election.

The Country went to the Polls on Thursday, 11th August 2016 to elect its Republican President, its Members of Parliament, Councillors, Executive Mayors and Council Chairpersons.

In the Presidential election, President *Edgar Lungu* of the Patriotic Front (PF) won with *1,860,877* votes while his closest rival *Hakainde Hichilema* of the United Party for NATIONAL Development(UPND) obtained *1,760,347*.

Of concern is the increasing number of spoilt or rejected votes emerging in every subsequent election.

In this year’s election the spoilt ballots amounted to *85,795* even beating the third supposedly candidate, Edith Nawakwi who obtained *24,149* votes.

The number is too high for spoilt votes that there is concerted effort for the Electoral Commission of Zambia to conduct intensive voter education and voting awareness programs.

And of another interest in this past election is a young and unknown candidate *Andyford Banda* of a party called PAC whose good showing surprisingly made him beat Rainbow Party candidate and former Justice Minister, *Wynter Kabimba, Saviour Chishimba of the UPP, and the candidate, Tilyenji Kaunda from Zambia’s oldest party- UNIP, and Peter Sinkamba from the *fyamba* Green Party!!

*Votes by Province*

Incumbent President Edgar Chagwa Lungu of the Patriotic Front( PF) won in *six(6) provinces*, while his main rival won in four (4) provinces.

President Edgar Lungu won the presidential vote on the *Copperbelt* with *345,275* while his closest rival Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development (UPND) scored *189, 562*.

In *Central Province* Hakainde Hichilema scored *177, 854* while President Lungu scored *138, 517*.

In *Eastern Province*, President Edgar Lungu won with a runaway margin of *299,249* while Hichilema scored *62, 321*.

In *Luapula* President Lungu won with *205,770* while Hichilema posted a result of *35,229*.

In the probince housing the capital city of *Lusaka* Predident Lungu got *375,760* votes while Hichilema scored *242,172*.

In Muchinga President Lungu obtained *159,345* votes while Hichilema got *25,761* votes.

In *North -Western* Province, Hichilema obtained *208,414* while President Lungu obtained *28,559* votes.

In *Northern Province* Predident Edgar Lungu obtained *218,938* while Hichilema got *63,719* votes.

In *Southern Province* Hichilema obtained an incredible *527,983* votes while President Lungu obtained *42,909* votes.

This result alone has got analysts scratching their heads as the vote is higher than Lusaka and Copperbelt and this vote alone from Southern Province is capable of upsetting a national vote and capable of upsetting tables!!

So President Edgar Lungu won 6 provinces namely: *Eastern, Copperbelt, Luapula, Lusaka, Muchinga, and Northern* provinces.

While Hichilema won *Central, North Western, Southern and Western* provinces.

In Western Province, Hichilema obtained 226,722 votes while President Lungu obtained 46,225 votes.

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