Pres. Lungu Awaits Answers on Deceased UNZA Student

President Edgar Lungu says he will wait for the police to provide answers on the deceased University of Zambia student who died of suffocation from teargas during a riot.

And the Zambia Police has authorized the University of Zambia community to stage a procession to the funeral service of Vespers Shimuzhila from the Great East Road campus to the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Katimamulilo Road.

President Lungu said that everybody wanted to know what transpired for a student to have died during the riot on Thursday night over meal allowances.

“Let the police do their job, I think Madam Dora Siliya gave a statement on the government position. We want to know what happened,” he said.

“In Bemba there is a saying that ubushiku umukote aluba ciimbwi anye imfwi, what does that tell you, an old man disappears then the next day the Hyena defecates white hair. We are waiting as government, we do not want you to speculate.”

And the police has given the all clear for the UNZA community to stage a funeral processing urging the leaders to ensure that there is law and order.

“The procession will begin from the University of Zambia Main Campus at 08:30 (Today Monday 08/10/18) hours to the nearby Seventh Adventist Church on Katimamulilo Road where a funeral service of Vespers Shimuzhila-a 4th year student in the School of Education who died in the course of the recent skirmishes between police officers and students at UNZA will held starting at 09:00 hours,” stated the letter by UNZALARU General Secretary Kelvin Mambwe.

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