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By Effie Mphande

Health Minister SYLVIA MASEBO says there has been an increase in the number of expectant women getting infected with Covid-19.

Ms. MASEBO says of the 5-hundred and 18 COVID-19 patients admitted in the current fourth wave, 83 are pregnant women.

The Minister was speaking in Mansa when she gave a Covid update this afternoon

She has urged people to get vaccinated against covid-19 as it helps prevent severe illness and death.

And Ms MASEBO said the country has recorded ten deaths in the last 24 hours.

She said the deaths were among the unvaccinated from the age range of 19 to 97.

The minister said of these, two have been classified as COVID-19 deaths and eight were COVID-19 associated deaths.

Ms. MASEBO also said the country has recorded 2-thousand one hundred and 13 new COVID-19 cases out of 8-thousand 6-hundred and 57 tests conducted countrywide giving a national positivity of 24 percent.

She said positivity across the provinces remains high, with the highest today being Eastern at 38 percent and lowest being Central at 17 percent.

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