Portpher Tembo cries foul: Adoptions are being done secretly

Chawama constituency Patriotic Front (PF) hopeful, Potpher Tembo, has bitterly complained that the ruling party is conducting the adoption privately.

Tembo, who is one of the leading contenders among the PF aspirants, took to his Facebook Page to question the criteria the party is using in arriving at candidates.

“I have not been adopted to stand on PF ticket in Chawama constituency. It appears to me that someone has been adopted privately and people want to be ambushed on Tuesday when filling in Nomination,” reads part of Tembo’s post.

He further called the PF’s adoption process “a sad act against the people of Chawama.”

The former deputy mayor of Lusaka appealed to his supporters to stay calm and wait as everything unfolds.

“Questionable adoption against the will of the people of Chawama. Nothing is hidden.” Mr Tembo wrote, “If you are my supporter, stay calm.”

Chawama constituency is Republican President Edgar Lungu’s immediate past seat before he ascended to Presidency in January 2015. President Lungu  was succeeded by Lawrence Sichalwe.

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