Police withdraw Call-out for Father Musoka

By Honester Mshoka

Police have urged Catholic Priest Father CHEWE MUKOSA not to report to the Copperbelt Division as per the call-out issued to him.

Police Spokesperson REA HAMOONGA says after reassessment of the situation, it has been determined that there is no need for the clergyman to immediately appear before Police for any ongoing investigations or inquiries.

Mr. HAMOONGA says Father MUKOSA  was summoned by the police to provide a statement regarding remarks made during a religious gathering which were deemed to potentially constitute hate speech.

In a  statement issued to ZNBC news, Mr. HAMOONGA  said a decision has been made after careful consideration and in the best interest of all parties involved.

He said Police will communicate any further developments on whether the Catholic Priest  will be required in the future .

Mr. HAMOONGA said it is important that the public is reminded that police have a legal mandate to investigate all forms of criminal activity regardless of where they occur.

He further added that it is for this reason that all individuals cooperate with law enforcement agencies in such matters.

He said the police appreciate his cooperation and compliance with the directive.

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