Police recover three AK 47 rifles from suspected Karavinas in Western Province

POLICE in Western Province have recovered three AK 47 rifles from three suspected assassins commonly known as Karavinas.The Karavinas, as they are known, can be hired to settle scores as minor as a domestic dispute or a suspicion of witchcraft. They are paid in cash or livestock for the grisly service.The Karavinas are believed to be behind murders involving people suspected of practicing witchcraft in the area in the area.Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo in a statement said the suspects were apprehended after Police had an operation following a tip off from members of the public.She said the suspects are currently detained in Police custody and the operation has continued.Meanwhile Katongo has warned that being in possession of illegal firearms is an offence.She has also appealed to all those in possession of illegal firearms to take advantage of the Firearm Amnesty and surrender them before they are arrested and prosecuted. Post Views: 977

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