PF/MMD relations cordial—Nakachinda

THE MMD has described the relationship with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) as cordial and has dismissed some media reports suggesting that the two parties have differed over adoptions.
MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda said some statements circulating that the two parties had differed over the on-going parliamentary adoption process were malicious.
Mr Nakachinda said in an interview that the MMD and PF had continued to enjoy cordial relations and that it was wrong for some people to work towards discrediting the impending alliance between the two parties by issuing falsehoods over the adoptions.
He said the impending alliance between the two political parties was meant to support the candidature of President Edgar Lungu ahead of the August 11 general elections.
“The other issues to do with parliamentary and local government seats modalities are still being worked on and the two are enjoying a cordial relationship contrary to insinuations from some people,” Mr Nakachinda said.
He said the MMD had a number of challenges considering that it recently came out of a convention and was receiving some adoption applications from parallel structures.
Mr Nakacihnda said time had come for the MMD to commence consultations with the ruling PF.
He said the competition between the two parties did not imply that they were working against each other, but were merely giving an opportunity to the people of Zambia in various constituencies to choose their preferred candidates.
Mr Nakachinda said that MMD and PF candidates would campaign for and support President Lungu ahead of the forthcoming elections.

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