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PF Writes ANC To Help End Xenophobic Attacks


Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has written South Africa’s ruling African National Congress Secretary General Ace Magashule to use every means possible to end xenophobic attacks in that country.

Mr Mwila, in a statement issued by party Media Director Sunday Chanda, urged the South African against xenophobic oppression.

“In the letter dated 3rd September 2019, Hon Mwila recalled that  Africans across the continent in general and Zambia in particular, provided refuge and solace to their exiled South African brothers and sisters, as they stood shoulder to shoulder with them in very trying circumstances during the Apartheid era.  He recalled that Zambians and other Africans sacrificed their lives to liberate South Africa from the shackles of the Apartheid Regime. ‘A significant multitude of Zambians and other Africans paid the ultimate price as their blood inter-mingled in death with the blood of their South African comrades’,” the statement read.

“The PF Secretary General said it was against this background that the Patriotic Front had followed ‘with deep concern and great trepidation’ reports of increasing xenophobic violence by South African nationals on Zambians and other African nationals in South Africa. Mr Mwila further said that the xenophobic acts were against the spirit of the liberation struggle and the values of a liberated South Africa, adding that xenophobia was against universal African value system of ‘Ubuntu’.”

Mr Mwila, who made reference to the values and legacy of Nelson Mandela, added that “xenophobia was diametrically opposed to the values of the Patriarch of the ANC and the founding father of a democratic South Africa”.

“The PF Secretary General also  emphasised that  although PF and Zambians in general appreciated that the shared historical tragedies of Apartheid did not place Zambians and other Africans above the law in a modern day South Africa, and that while  ‘their common history with their South Africans counterparts did not compromise the status of RSA citizens in their own country’,  it was very important that ‘the basic Human Rights of Zambians and other Africans, and their very humanity need to be protected- no matter how foreign they may be’,” the statement read.

“Hon Mwila concluded his moral call to the ANC by appealing to the oldest liberation movement in Africa to use all means within its influence and power ‘to lead the people of Mzansi in the struggle against xenophobia’.  He signed off expressing confidence that the ANC and the people of South Africa would prevail over xenophobia.”

News source: Zambia Reports

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