PF will take all the 22 seats on the Copperbelt, says President Lungu

PRESIDENT Lungu says the PF is on top of things in this year’s general elections. Speaking to journalists on Sunday evening at City Airport on his return from the Copperbelt where he went to officially open the Agriculture and Commercial show and to launch the PF’s campaign President Lungu appealed to the opposition to desist from engaging in violence.

“Good things speak for themselves. In Bemba there is a saying that ‘Good things, you dont have to ask for salt to be added unto them. We are on top of things but my plea to the participants in the political game is please respect one another,” President Lungu said.

“Give space to one another so that each one can make his case or her case known. At the end of the day Zambians will decide freely.” President Lungu said political players should not engage in violence because they have got the might or rare gift of insulting and intimidating people.

He said the political mood on the Copperbelt was fine and that his party was on top of things. “My people also need to buy into the philosophy of peaceful campaigns.

“…But when we talk about peace, we are not cowards, we can’t fight back, no! But we can fight back. My message to the Police please restrains those people the other side who think that violence can change their fortunes in the political process,” President Lungu said.

“Some people think that by beating others, intimidating them, insulting them they will change the people’s mind, that u can’t do. That’s why I am saying freedom abounds for all of us. At the end of the day, Zambians will decide.”

President Lungu said PF members on the Copperbelt had been encouraged to remain peaceful. Asked how he rated the PF on the Copperbelt, President Lungu said: “It was 75 last year but now it’s about 85. And so, we will get about 70 per cent of the votes on the Copperbelt. Out of the 22 seats, we are winning all of them. I am not saying this because i want to threaten anybody, it’s the popularity on the ground that speaks for itself.”

President Lungu said in every country, the economy goes up and down.He said the PF will in this year’s elections get more votes than they did last year. President Lungu said the PF have a heart to take challenges when they come, including those that are insumountable. He said no country had no economic challenges. ” If you are saying we have failed because of the economic challenges then you are not a politician,” said President Lungu.

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