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Local Government and Rural Development Minister GARRY NKOMBO says the Patriotic Front government contracted way over 12.9 billion Kwacha contracts for feeder roads against a budget of 300 million Kwacha.

Mr. NKOMBO says one point three billion kwacha was paid to the contractors and he does not know where they got the money because it was against the budget.

He says the three point five billion kwacha worth of works have been certified as completed.

Mr. NKOMBO says his Ministry is auditing all road works that were done.

The Minister has charged that the previous government was reckless in the way it was awarding contracts

Mr. NKOMBO says his ministry is under stress and needs time to settle down and apply innovation to dismantle the debt.

He says none payment of contractors is not deliberate because there is no money in the coffers.

Mr. NKOMBO has further charged that the Ministry of Local Government was abused by the PF government to please their political sympathizers through awarding contractors even though they did not have capacity to pay.

He said this in the National Assembly in response to Members of Parliament on when feeder Roads in different areas would be worked on.

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